Poulan Pro PP3516AVX 16Inch 35cc 2Cycle GasPowered AntiVibration

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Poulan Pro PP3516AVX Review

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Poulan Pro PP3516AVX Chain Saws are quite ideal for anyone who wants quality cut without breaking the bank. They are safe, reliable and easy to use even for the first time users. Unlike other brands, their light weight and small size makes them easy to use and maneuver comfortably. If you are already interested in purchasing a Poulan Pro PP3526AVX, click here to see it on Amazon.

The Poulan Pro 16 inch 35 cc anti- vibration chain saw has a 16 inch bar allowing a cutting capacity of 32 inches in diameter. This amazing chainsaw possesses an anti-vibration mechanism where the engine is isolated from the chassis. This significantly reduces irritating vibration, enhances comfort derived, and improves safety measures for the user. Further safety is enhanced by the chain brake, which is triggered by inertia.  This spots rotation of the chain in case of any kickback. It has an auto oiling system that lubricates both the chain and the bar continually during use. This type of chainsaw is cheap and offers high cutting speed. It has been proven to be the most convenient and the fastest in the market.

Unlike the slower Husqvarna 240e 16- inch 38cc, whose starter handle is quite large, the Poulan comes with EPS effortless pull starting system, anti- vibration handle and a duralife extended engine. Furthermore, those using Husqvarna 240e 16- inch 38cc chainsaw are inconvenienced by the fact that they need the use of a screwdriver in order to remove the film from the spark plug, as well as the air filter. This creates a potential for the lost screw.

Another brand of chainsaw is Solo 636, 36.3cc which is easy to start due to presence of a button for compression release on a significantly larger engine of two-strokes. The saw possesses a single wrench. This fits both the spark plug and bar bolt heads ensuring that the screw cannot be lost, unlike the husqvarna. This saw is fast, well-balanced and light. In spite of all this, the handle of the starter is far too tiny. Furthermore, the oil caps and gas caps are very poorly shaped. Such features can be irritating, especially when found in such a costly product.

John Deere CS36LE, 35.2cc is a satisfying chain saw reflecting good-quality mechanical design. It has properly shaped gripping areas, oil and gas caps that turn easily and screws that are quite comfortably adjusted. However, it has very slow cutting speed and its on/off switch, which is shielded, makes it very hard to press with gloved hands.

Whether you are just getting started with power cutting or going for replacement of a busted saw, Poulan is certainly a great choice.

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