Milwaukee 16Inch 13AMP 2.25 HP Electric Chain Saw

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Milwaukee 6215 Chainsaw Review

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The Milwaukee 16-Inch 13-AMP 2.25 HP Electric Chain Saw 6215 is made up of steel. It has an adjustable clutch screw driver and HVAC drives for screws that join several sheets of gauge steel. It has a hand brake and lock-out switch that easily shuts down the chain saw in case of a kickback. It has an oil storage facility to automatically oil its chain mechanism continually for at least one hour.  Its characterized by high chain speed of 1800FPM, low vibration frequency and an adjustable clutch protects its motor from dangerous binding. This powerful Milwaukee chain saw is environmentally friendly as it works without noise and without generating any smoke. Furthermore, it does not generate heat while in use and this guarantees user comfort, safety and protection. This chain saw is light and easy to handle as it automatically kicks off regardless of weather conditions. Milwaukee 16-Inch 13-AMP 2.25 HP Electric Chain Saw 6215 is durable, it easily works on any size of trees, ranging from the largest to the smallest and it is ideal for anyone, anywhere executing such tasks.

Mcculloch 16 inch 4.5 HP electric chain saw has double insulation to guarantee user safety, it has a trigger switch to automatically start/stop operation. Its safety trigger lockout protects it from accidentally accelerating and its chain brake instantly stops the chain in case of a kickback.  Although this is a powerful chain saw that is suitable for cutting logs of any size, its safety is questionable because the chain brake is not effective enough to instantly stop the blade from spinning once the user releases the start/stop trigger. Any inexperienced user with the Mcculloch 16 inch 4.5 HP risks causing an accident because the chain saw offers little left hand thumb protection to the user. This chain saw is quite noisy and the blade easily wears out as opposed to the Milwaukee 16-Inch 13-AMP 2.25 HP Electric Chain saw.

The Remington 18 inch 12 amp 4.0 HP electric chainsaw is designed to deliver quality results. Its chain system is easy to operate, with low kickback bar for user protection and large steel teeth for efficiency. However, its users have complained that the engine easily burns out and the motor easily catches fire and can cause accidents. Anyone intending to use this brand of chain saw should have a fire extinguisher ready for action.

This chainsaw is no longer available from Amazon.

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